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Fats, Oils, Grease Reduction Program

Fats, Oils, Grease Reduction Program

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) discharged in the sewer system can disrupt the flow of wastewater, and cause harm to lift stations. this is because as the FOG cools, it solidifies in pipes and restricts flow. FOG is the major contributing factor to sanitary sewer overflows  and back ups. Annually, the cost to clean FOG out of the sewer system and prevent these problems has been growing.

Glenbard Wastewater Authority (GWA) implemented a FOG reduction program in 2015. The goal of this program is to reduce FOG through education and collaboration and to help protect the system, the users, the environment, and keep user costs steady.
GWA has been working with area restaurants and other food service establishments and providing educational outreach aimed at residents to help control this pollutant at the source.  To learn more about where FOG comes from and how to manage it,  click here to view our FOG Education page.

Both Lombard and Glen Ellyn FOG ordinances require GWA service area restaurants to report grease control device pump-outs to the GWA Environmental Resources Coordinator every quarter or by January 15, April 15, July 15, or October 15 as proof of compliance.

GWA has upgraded the treatment facility to accept FOG waste and turn it into energy, which will further help control costs for all users. For more information about this exciting project, click here to view information on our Resource Recovery Facility.


In January of 2020, Glenbard Wastewater Authority launched a free online reporting system for grease control device maintenance records. All food service establishments with grease control devices are required to enroll and start uploading maintenance records at the link below.

Benefits to Your Business

It’s Easy! Upload records on your computer or mobile device or have your service provider do it for you.

It’s Secure! Your records are confidential and viewable only by you, your service provider, and GWA’s Environmental Resource Coordinator. Since they’re online, you’ll never lose another record.

It’s Compliant! Completed records uploaded to this service are compliant with the Code of both respective Villages. Your FOG inspector, The Environmental Resources Coordinator, can review your compliance without inspecting your facility. If an issue arises, we’ll work with you to resolve it, saving you time.

It’s Free! Store your grease control device maintenance records online at no cost to your business.

What it Does

Stores and organizes your grease control device maintenance records online.
Reminds you when your grease control device is due for service.
Notifies you of problems, giving you the opportunity to resolve them without an inspection or enforcement.
Demonstrates compliance remotely, reducing your facility’s FOG inspection priority.
Uploading your records online can help reduce the number of inspections at enrolled facilities, reduce FOG discharges from food service establishments, reduce blockages that impact your plumbing, and prevent sanitary sewer overflows that harm our waterways.

Questions? Contact Ashley Staat at or (630) 790-1901

For additional information regarding FOG, please see the links below:

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