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Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG ED)

What is FOG ?

F.O.G. stands for fats, oils, and grease. FOG can build up in sewer lines when grease is washed down the sink or toilet. The grease easily sticks to the sewer lines and builds up overtime. This can increase the chance of a sewer back up into homes, businesses, apartments, and public spaces.

For homeowners, this can create expensive costs for clean-up, damages, and restoration caused by sewer backups. Additionally, exposure to raw sewage is concerning for public health and has environmental impacts.

Where Does FOG Come From?
How to Prevent FOG from entering the sewer system

By following these good kitchen practices, sewer backups from FOG can be prevented.

Yellow grease, or used cooking oils can be dropped of at Glenbard Wastewater Authority to be recycled into bio-fuel. A drop box is located at the front door of the Administration Building.

For further education on FOG, please see the videos below:

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